Jun 08

bright green blogs | @bubbl.us

Designers are always looking for new and easy ways to organize information because the better we are able to sort of visually organize all the variables involved, the better a chance we have of being able to make the appropriate connections that lead to smart solutions and innovations. Navigating through my del.icio.us/stiven network the other day, I came across a fun little mapping and visualization tool at bubbl.us. It lets you easily create vibrantly colored bubble maps on the fly that you can share with your “friends” through their portal. This makes for a great collaboration tool since different people can contribute and the maps can soon become the collaborative vision of many.


A couple of days ago at lighterfootstep.com I came a cross a great article that gave me insight to a few blogs I was not familiar with and so I decided to try and return the favor and make a bubble map of the best bright green blogs on the web or at least the ones that we consistently follow here at sustainable|day.

I did not include many sites I frequently visit because I wanted to limit it to actual social blogs that focus mainly on sustainability but I did create five main categories in order to try and subtly classify them relative to each other: design, technology, architecture, lifestyle, and news and resources. I omited the social, environmental and economic categories assuming that sustainability inherently includes all three of these areas in synergy.

You can see the full map here or you can interact with it at bubbl.us (UN: sustainableday PW: greenweb) the file name is “bright green blogs”. Feel free to play around with it and change things around, create connections and or ad some good ones that I may have missed.